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wrathchild america – draintime lyrics


i can see things changing slowly
i can see things, they’re not there
breathing and slurred before my eyes
sitting alone still awake

pleased to meet you, h-llo h-llo
my name is john, mister doe
my octagon eye is blazing red
can we shake hands or shall i say i knew you

well, i’m sure i know what i really don’t
and i see real well with all of these eyes
when satin feels like broken gl-ss
i know it’s time to smile

draintime, draintime
now it’s time to say goodbye to me

i saw everything one hundred years ago
i am the bullet that killed the president
you know the secret of my rotten teeth
and the snake that i sleep with on my bed of nails

i look out over the fields of green
and i can’t seem to smell the fragrance of the flowers
i look to the sun, i see a void of darkness
i see things and hear things, yet nothing exists

draintime, draintime
slowly but surely my time comes
draintime, draintime