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wvrm – tank reaper lyrics


i can see right through you
your weakness is a weapon
weep for me
wail for me
honor me, imperial slave
burnt black eagles prey in the night
sleep with me in the canebrake
your pain will rage
wash my feet in your sacred river
i’ll take you with me
enemy of my homeland
the perfect vermin
dominate you with my faith
you belong in the dirt
they carry the cross
they won’t waste time in the reaping
your face turned red with blood
slipping, crawling
beneath their boots, your grave
they spin their influence with venom and roses
still can’t decipher all the lies that they told us
here in the valley where we worship the rich
they play with power as we walk with our caskets
no absolution
no saving my soul
jesus can’t see us with eyes made of gold
here this, tank reaper
child k!ller, i will never bend my knee again
there’s no forgiving
bite the hand that feeds
come give it to me now
the empire must bleed