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wyldthang – caking lyrics


i miss ya. sitting here staring at your picture
my misses and i’m proud to be your mister

it’s a whole lot of women, but only you spark my interest
only you can keep me coming back for that good good

you make me happy, like for real i got it all

if i could sing i this song, it be sung by miguel

your fragrance in the room. your spirits in the air
i swear i can feel the warmth of your face still
across my finger tips, i see the instagram clear

a revelation of love…
sometimes we argue and fuss
but that make up mode.. bring that good make up love
how 2 become 1? lets shine like the sun
you make me happy. i feel i got it all
you remind me, that the good lords still behind me
you make me smile, we laugh and we joke
if it’s in my hands is our favorite song

we 2 peas out the pod, bonnie & clyde
me & you and thats against all odds
i’m over here and i’m getting it, you over there and you getting it
but when we come together its the worlds greatest feeling
it’s billion other women but its just one you
you love wyldthang but know jarvis is the truth
jarvis just for you, from the bus stop to the coupe
now posing for the picture, like look at us we brand new
late night talks on the phone
i hate it when you gone
but i love it…i love it when your home!