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$waggot – a single afternoon lyrics


hanging out w/ you
i thought that we were having so much fun
i guess im dumb

i even made you c-m
you said you wanted me to
do it again
tomorrow and

you told me send a text
youd hit me back
and then we’d go from there
and i was really excited

and then i hit you up
just like you told me to
i waited
and i waited

whyd you talk about the future
if you didn’t want me in yours

i just dont understand
you said it with
and confidence

i would have been okay
if you just werent feeling it
and stuff
i could deal with that but

you really f-cked me up
it wasn’t that big a deal
but im
so pathetic ugh

a single afternoon
it’s gonna play on loop
in my head forever im doomed

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