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ward 21 – why lyrics


marco zaurus,
dem cyaa draw near dem haffi play far us
waa fi scar us but a bare star us
dem ting ya weh we have inna we hand naah rust
it name taurus–question.
we bun dem daily, we never yet miss, no nearly

run come inna diss wid knife a gun inna diss
a fun inna diss fi hold dem like a fish and scale-y
suicidal like an israeli, annuh b-m inna diss
annuh rum inna diss, mi box yuh, yuh siddung inna p-ss,
head buss like water jelly, and run dung pon yuh belly,
a man yuh mek a hold yuh tongue and a twist so nuh come
and a diss
cause we ago rise the big haskel-y
and bun dem wid a pirelli
and mek yuh say h-llo to makaveli–question.

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