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westside gunn – aunt rosie’s lyrics

[verse 1: westside gunn]
come here b-tch
let me change your life
ayo your p-ssy like da vinci paintings
[?] while you standing naked
your p-ssy taste so good
like some watermelon jolly ranchers
finger f-cking in the land
you like to lick it off my hand
baby girl you the truth
look at that walk in jimmy choos
you look so smooth
we f-ckin like we still young
i let you c-m and then i c-m
but you played me for a fool
introduced you to designer sh-t
[?] innocence
chloe sandals and sh-t
you just a gold-digging b-tch
all gold zanottis
we started f-cking in the lobby
then we took it to the big house
come over here with that big mouth
i heard you f-cking for a bag now
stupid b-tch
i heard you f-cking for a bag now
can’t stand none of y’all b-tches
i heard you f-cking for a bag now
i had a set table for two b-tch
i heard you f-cking for a bag now
i got you the iphone7 b-tch first day it came out
you’s a stupid hoe you out here f-cking for bags and sh-t
kids still got school kicks from last year but you f-cking for a bag
f-ck your baby daddy too b-tch
might get that n-gg- stabbed the f-ck up up north n-gg-
f-ck y’all i want my money back

- westside gunn lyrics

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