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wiggles – dancing ride lyrics

[anthony]: alright. lets take a… dancing ride.

i want everybody, to dance with me
put your leaves up, and shake like a tree
let the wind move you from side to side, now your on, the dancing ride

ah ha ha
ah ha ha

[anthony]: lets do another one.
come on everybody. here’s a new dance.
[anthony]: oh ow, oh ow.
move like theres whole nest of ant’s in your pants.

[anthony]: now what do you want to.

you shake your legs, from east to west. i think i like this dance the best.

ah ha ha

[anthony]: i like it too.

ah ha ha

[anthony]: do another one.

come on everybody. lets do the rocketship.
point your arms up. and wiggle your hips.

[anthony]: keep wiggling.

you turn on the spot, around and around.
come on everyone. and touch the ground.

ah ha ha
ah ha ha

[anthony]: well i’m dancing like i’ve got ants in my pants. i’m dancing like a rocketship. i’m dancing like a tree. ha, what else can i dance like? let me think. oh, i’ve got a dance like me. wo hoo! this is fun. the dancing ride.

- wiggles lyrics

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