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winston – times lyrics

cruisin in my city with the squad celebrating you can tell dawg
we h-lla close ain’t n-body joining i can tell ya
got these cats in the club sucking on my genetalia
i wanna get payment cheques in the mail ya

[verse 1]
walk away and no harm will be caused to you
i’ll be like mj, i might seem like a boss for you
seize the day and i won’t cross on you
squeeze, mey, lost in the sauce with you
nothing to f-ck with on a late night out you can tell dawg
my brawlers will be having my back i’ll pay their bail ah
don’t try to run cause my homies are as fast like bale dawg
compared to you as a g-yfish we are whales ya
going, flowing, no e-motions
knowing, know we slowing, blowing
i’d like to live forever in these lands of mine
i’d like to love forever with the sands of time
give me an offer that i can’t decline
and i’ll love you till the end of times


[verse 2]
still awake at half past five
i’m feeling so alive, will stay a day inside
the sun is about to rise
feeling like the places we go
we don’t know any guys
i don’t care cause all i want
is destruction and demise


- winston lyrics

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