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witt lowry – let me know lyrics

[full lyrics will be transcribed upon the songs release]

[lyrics below were;
teased on the 7th of august, 2016 in a video witt posted on twitter,
as well as the second line being confirmed in an instagram picture posted on march 18th, 2017]

i often wonder what it really is that you are for me
at least i feel your touch, even if it’s just when you walk on me
your mind is always elsewhere, it’s there, it’s on then it’s off of me
i want to feel your depth but your heart is deaf when you talk to me
i guess that’s what we were taught
we open up depending on how many drinks we have bought
he wants your head and it’s ironic, doesn’t care ’bout your thoughts
you’re one more drink away from drowning, feeling empty and lost
but me, i’m no better
she wants to f-ck around and i let her

- witt lowry lyrics

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