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wizard – dead hope lyrics


baldur is dead
two souls now dancing
to the music of their dreams
baldur and iduna
hand in hand they walk through hel
blinded by cruel darkness
they can’t see what is around
dazzled by their fellings
they don’t hear the chaos screams

two souls embraced by eternity
bought together by cruel destiny
now they’ll live ’til the end of time
in the realm of [the] death-queen

baldur is dead, the god of life
killed, bleeding in the sand
baldur is dead, a poisoned arrow
shot, by an evil hand
cold tears, no emotions
two living souls in a dead world
see the death-queen laughing
she don’t care about their pain
crying gods in asgard
all hope is gone – no emotions
what stands in the future?
when all is said and done



baldur is dead
baldur is dead
baldur is dead
baldur is dead

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