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wrong answer – open fire the wrong way lyrics

walk the streets day after day
i smell the stench of human garbage
am i the only one who’s waiting for the rain to wash the sc-m away?
and if the cops refuse to do their duty
then it’s up to us to stand against this
i can’t take this f-cking bullsh-t
follow me, follow me, follow me
let’s finally take them the f-ck out

i am the worst dream come true
i am everything you ever worth

so where the f-ck am i supposed to go?
cause i lost it all: my soul, my hope, and i’m at the end of my f-cking rope
and you won’t find the glory fades
until the grave there’s no escape
when you live your life the wrong way

well i only did what i was thought was right
become what i hate just to survive
it’s the only way to win this fight
against a world that i despise
there’s no second chance, i’m second rate
i can’t say i’ve learned from my mistakes

this world ain’t nothing but a piece of sh-t
live breathe f-ck fail cease to exist
they say there’s a price to be paid
but until that day i keep pushing on the wrong way
you can’t stop, you can’t stop me now

nothing you say to me means a f-cking thing anymore
destroy everything in my way
until my dying day i’ll do this sh-t the wrong way

- wrong answer lyrics

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