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wrong answer – the nightmare continues lyrics

call me weak cause i won’t battle
tooth and nail for scr-ps just to be
crushed like ants beneath the feet
of unseen rulers you can’t please

every time
i try to fight
i slam my fist
against the force field

i’m just a p-wn
in this game
nothing changes
the nightmare continues

more distractions for the fools
who seek to defy all the rules
f-ck like flies on dirty sheets
and die like dogs in the f-cking streets

it’s just enough
to stay alive
enough to keep us
right where they want us

there are rules
to this game
that i can’t change
the nightmare continues

in the not so distant future
we’ll be crushed against the fence
locked up in our cages
kept under surveillance
you can’t change it

- wrong answer lyrics

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