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wussy – happiness bleeds lyrics

i remember puking down the side of the car,
the cost of drinking liquor from the mouth of a jar,
leaning on the fender and declaring that we’d name a star.

tramping through the brambles til our pants were all torn,
searching for a paper bag of mildewy p-rn,
reflecting ont he never-ending question –
why had we been bron?

happiness bleeds all over you and me.

i remember stumbling down the side of the road,
reeling from the ill effects of licking a toad,
bobbing and weaving and waiting for the sun to explode.

hour after hour throwing rocks at a sign,
looking for the weapon on the leafy incline,
swearing it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it,
screaming it’s not mine.

i remember sadness at the edge of your eyes
surrounded by the darkness of a dead winter sky.
something like a kiss upon the temple and the word goodbye.

there were never devils living under the stairs,
there were never angels in your grandmother’s hair.
there has never ever been another that i could compare.

happiness bleeds.

- wussy lyrics

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