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x (random) – said and done lyrics


i was gonna rap about f-ckin’ hoes gettin’ money doin’ drugs ‘n havin’ fun-
but there’s really nothing left to say it’s all been said and done-
they say eminem ‘n 2pac’s the greatest noone can do it better it’s all been said ‘n done,-
so what more can i say is it possible for me to prove i’m the better one-
it probably doesn’t matter at this point it’s all been said and done,-
still i wanna spit the sh-t all the haters love but i feel like i’m out of pep ‘n done,-
it’s all been said and done-
i just wanna say somethin’ that would leave everyone in the world lookin’ dead ‘n stunned-
but f-ck it it’s all been said and done,-
i wonder if you’re gonna be bumpin’ the same sh-t you are now when you’re a hun”’dred ‘n one,-
everything we say and do is so d-mn generic it all seems the same so i guess that means it’s all been said ‘n done,-
‘n in case you ain’t figured it out yet i’m comin’ for you f-ggots so it’s best you retreat now go ahead ‘n run,-

artists like eminem set such a high standard for music that may never be transcended,-
cause nowadays it’s a tedious cycle of generic club songs love songs ‘n meaningless cr-p ‘n i’m not sure that i cleverly can end it,-

there’s a high standard ‘n precedent ‘n i’m about to set it yo,-
imagne you wanna be original ‘n spit some unique deep sh-t but someone’s already said it though,-
you should just let it go,-and to those listenin’ to this song in 2014 if you have sk!ll now you better let it show,-
otherwise if you want the credit you’ll have to go back in time just to reset it so,-
people think the sh-t you do is ahead of their times,-
make it seem like noone can beat you ‘n there aren’t any better rare rhymes,-
make sure noone else becomes commercially greater than you,-
you’ll truly be considered the best of all time noone else can compete if they come in controversially later than you,-
although you’ll be preventin’ opportunities for other artists throwin’ them without care under the bus,-
you’ll be the world’s greatest rare wonder to bust,-
even though you cheated,-
people will emulate what you do ‘n everything you say will be repeated,-
like history,-
selfish emotions indirectly manipulated by the incentives know as fame ‘n happiness ‘n now you can either agree or disagree,-

but you can compare modern day artists to past artists and you’ll notice basically they look different though just sound the same,-
‘n these words’ll probably be true even a hundred years in the future when you listen to this song but by then these current whack generic artists won’t even be around to blame,-
they don’t even deserve a name,-

‘n generic ‘n whack are just the general terms i use for these fake supposed artists,-
claimin’ their flow’s harnessed-‘n the most hardest,-when actually it sounds like most artists,-

see from my perspective it seems like we’re subjectin’ our future generations to ignorant material so they only listen to cr-p,-
while i’m tryin’ to influence this world’s inhabitants so they become aware of real problems until i feel like i wanna diss in a rap,-
then all i want is to get p-ssed ‘n to snap,-
cause i ain’t appealin’ to today’s energetic youth ‘n it seems like all my work’s counterproductive,-
cause instead of encouragin’ peace i incite anger ‘n violence into the fans of brainwashin’ music that’s manipulative ‘n seductive,-

‘n i ain’t sayin’ people shouldn’t enjoy music ‘n listen to ill joints,-
if you think that then you’re missin’ the real points…
i just think like for example perhaps we should focus more on our problems to find solutions ‘n handle situations like ours with isis-
like it’s-a bigger crisis-than the sizes-of what each s-xy actress’s thigh is-or miley cyrus in lewd-
outfits twerkin’ ‘n receivin’ criticisms from journalists that’re highly bias ‘n rude,-
depicting their foolishness ‘n arrogant self righteousness like this bill o’reilly guy is in crude,-terms

i’d really like to just live in a world where every creature’s united happily in harmony cohesively,-
in a place where it’s safe so we live free-
from harmful self indulgent practices-
but back tih(to)this-main topic about actresses-‘n explainin’ who the whackest is-the fact is this,-

we’re probably gonna keep sayin’ the same cr-p over ‘n over even though there’s nothin’ else”’remainin’ to say thits original,- (thits – that’s) /original/ly/ /, /traditiona/l/ly/
cause everything you hear is all”’the same in a way it’s traditional,-

‘n whack music’s become a large part of the art’s culture today in which it’s”’high in supply recycled ‘n done traditionally,-
it’s made in the most”’fly ‘n the tritest style ‘n un”’originally-
written but these business people still produce it,-
as long as they make money even if the minor demographic of people like me will refuse it,-
or still accuse it,-cause it’s easier to appeal to stupid-
ignorantly influenced people cause they don’t feel the true sh-t,-
‘n these fake artists just wanna reveal a new hit,-
get a deal to use it-
to gain lots of new fame ‘n promotions,-
so they put on a fake persona to hide their true shame ‘n emotions,-
so to us they may seem simple minded,-
but only to those who don’t see the big picture in the scene ‘n what’s behind it,-

now save what i’m sayin’ in your brain so it won’t be deleted,-
cause these words that i speak now might one day be repeated,-
in a different format with the same context which i’ve alrea”’dy depleted,-
it’s like puttin’ a cold leftover meal in the oven to reheat it-
to eat it-‘n you’ve already tasted it,-
you just need it’to be completed’so you havn’t wasted it,-
but this topic might be too much to chew,-
for one person so let’s just nibble on it slowly while i touch a few

facts so listen close,-cause i’m about to start dissin’ hoes,-

now we develop preconceptions of which songs are fan”’tastic,-
typically the most acclaimed songs and as time goes on give it say a hundred years we’ll adjust our concept of what’s a grand cl-ssic,-
atleast at the rate hip hop’s goin’ now rick ross is gonna be the next worsest rappin’ jay z,-
and everyone else that comes up is gonna sound like rip offs of current artists that sound trite so everything you’ve heard is whack ‘n lazy,-
like generic versions of curtis jackson maybe,-
it’s freakin’ crazy-
cause likely a thousand years from now none of us’ll even be relevant but that doesn’t phase me,-…

‘n i know the fly sh-t-i spit-can be a bit confusin’ so i’ma attempt to simplify it-

so for you true hip hop fans i can describe the songs which y’all abhor,-
get money ball get more money then ball some more-
get more money do drugs get head then f-ck a b-tch leave the club and never call the wh0r-,-
then repeat the process ‘n the lyrics just on a different beat you’ve heard it all before,-

‘n i’m tired of listenin’ to people arguin’ about who’s the most cold cool ‘n the hottest,-
these speculations are so old dull ‘n monotniss,- (monotonous)

cause really who’s gonna be the greatest of all time in a thousand ‘n fifty years,-
are we still gonna be listenin’ to generic versions of 2pac the backstreet boys michael jackson ‘n britney spears?-

it’s like usin’ a different gun just shootin’ the same bullet,-
on a different beat just producin’ the same bullsh-t,- /distributin'(maybe instead of producin’)

‘n all i hear on radios nowadays is the same stuff,-
rappers claimin’ they’ll k!ll you while they brag about high cl-ss livin’ but it’s just a lame bluff,-
puttin’ on a contradictory hypocritical facade persona they use to heighten revenue,-
claimin’ they started from the bottom but in the beginning they just continued to write ‘n never knew-
they would become famous hopin’ they might endeavor through-
the plight ‘n pressure too-fight ‘n weather through-
‘n eventually they made it and though it’s sad ‘n trite really it’s also bright ‘n clever too,-
and what they did was emulate what other artists did instead of bein’ in their own”’way cre”a”tive,-
by mimicing their methods and techniques by observing ‘n -n-lyzing the lives that”’they see they live-
rappin’ about thug life ‘n criminal activity that’s”’even acclaimed ‘n glorified,-
kids start doin’ sh-t that’s illegal’to be cool’ and they walk around without”’bein’ ashamed ‘n mortified,-
as long as their sh-t sells it doesn’t matter to them if their sh-t’s bein’ blamed as long as it’s”’receivin’ the fame ‘n more supplied,-

see they don’t do this sh-t for the respect”’or the pride,-
just the luxuries and perks and their fans only see the””funny ‘n gorgeous side,-
of the business cause that’s all they hear about ‘n this is how our””country endorses stride,-
but how do we move forward and develop if we keep holdin’ ourselves back by the laws of our society which should be fortified-
using the first ammendment/’/our laws should strictly enforce checks ‘n balances ‘n be more applied,-

now agree or disagree,-it’s no mystery,-you can simply look back at our history,-
but look if you were born in the same environment as me with the same influences despite havin’ different eyes i bet we’d see the same,-
but all i see are corporate executives that serve us consumers that feed off of entertainment ‘n eat the fame,-
that’s why we’re so fat ‘n obese ‘n these people are playin’ with our f-ckin’ lives they should be ashamed,-
but they’ve fooled us more than once we allowed these motherf-ckers to manipulate us and look what we buh came (buh came – became)
it’s all political to them ‘n it’s so simple ‘n easy to be acclaimed,-
all you need is popular sponsors to endorse you see the game is simple to play but you can’t beat the game,- (but it’s like an r.p.g)
and a lot of people get to enjoy bein’ famous while others don’t or some experience what it’s like to be defamed,-either maimed-
or k!lled ‘n still society supports us but when we do somethin’ they don’t like they say it’s bad and look for someone like me to blame,-
cause i have a”’unique distinguished name-‘n i”’do speak this english lang”’uage

cause i’m relevant so it’s easy for you to make me an example ‘n mock my emotions i try to discretely””keep ‘n hide ‘n”’cruelly humiliate me,-
but is it because you need a scape goat or is it because you resent me”’deep inside ‘n”’truly you really hate me,-
well if that’s the case i don’t know what to show ‘n”’too tell you,- (too – to)
unless you see sh-t through my eyes ‘n are goin””through h-ll too.-
but it’s your choice if you choose to buy the cr-p these fake artists try to sell you,-
and i ain’t mad at you i ain’t tryin’ to repel you-
i’m just sayin’ in this game acclaimed fame ain’t difficult to attain it’s simple to excel too,-
‘n i ain’t finished with this song i just thought to inaugurate my career i”’might show an intro,-
to prepare your minds for my next album that’ll make you throw all your other tapes out a wide open window,–echo 3 times window-
i showed you a bit of what i go through in(‘n)my life ‘n my pain wh0r-s,-
and now that you’ve tasted a sample of the appetizer you should be prepared for the main course,-

there’s really nothin’ left for me tis say,- (tis – to)
i often wonder why does sh-t have to be this way,-
i’m tryin’ to get it through to you
people criticizin’ me tellin’ me “there’s really nothin’ left for you to do”,-
you’ve seen it all done before none of this is new to you,-
it’s just the same sh-t in a different toilet it’s all been said and done,-yeah’it’s all been said and done
it’s all been said ‘n done,-yeah it’s all been said ‘n done

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