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xenopredator – development lyrics


a new species we have developed
synthesized from two different beings
genomes extracted from captive creatures
coded and -ssembled for natural perfection
created to replace replicated battalions
thousands expire from skjor made virus
exposing our colony to hostile forces
superior species hunting territory
accelerating cellular development
surp-ssing size in a fraction of time
genetically altered embryo
implanted in a human incubator
created to hold
developing eggs
hybrid creation
replicates into being
uterine wall is distressed further
time drifts by in containment chambers
lab bred females used for reproduction
interior organs useless after birth
life support machines infuse the body
chemically accelerating fetal gestation
surp-ssing chance of clean extraction
inducing birth by extreme vivisection
tendrils in place
line uterine walls
consciousness maintained
slowly destroyed by dilation
rearranging codons to create
the perfect d n a
and splicing r n a complexes for
development of human hybrids
better faster stronger
devoid of will or pain
your stomach gestating rapidly
developing the perfect soldier
modified cells reproducing faster
engorged fetus stretches vital organs
to point of failure
muscles tear torso grows
now begin dilations
hooks pull stretch legs
tendrils tear flesh
split slits center m-ss
beam sears obstructions
bisect spent carc-ss
expose bursting placenta
crawling from expelled entrails
life synthetically created
clawing through uterine tissue
into existence
dwarfing old operators
born combat ready
instincts mechanically programmed
now repeat the process
defense grows exponentially
legion intercepts the skjor invaders
the matter of life
bleed your worth upon our future
strapped in against her consent
restraints bruise the tender subject
as she cries resisting her own fate
the sacrificial flesh rips in utero
spasming from the unbearable pain
her shrieks are met with no sympathy
only further insemination fostered
to test the limits of the human host
subdue conscience
induce yourself to me
screaming fighting
all for nothing you plea
creature come forth
split through the sacrifice
and take her f-cking mortal life
future generations
sp-wning from human host
absorbing their will
to adapt to new environments
grotesque as they scour their latest homeland
in search of their ever forsaken son