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xiiidolor – rxmbo lyrics



we f#ckin up, cum in her mouth, she suckin the d#ck [?] like tetris we be stackin’ up, i put some lean in my double cup, feelin’ [?] watch how i double up

okay! i’m reloadin


i put a hole in ya chest, wit a [?] n#gga you know you no [?], swear ima cut wit a blade, when i’m rippin ya eyes, i ain’t leavin no mess, all my n#ggas be [?] [?] you bringin ya crew, i’m bringin my crew, snapping y’all n#ggas like [?] i’m feelin lil safe from the way from the demons, [?], tellin the truth i don’t need to pretend, this beat sh#t it’s the one that’s copes wit my stressin, no i’m a dog when i say ima bark, vvs diamonds they shine in the dark, a lot y’all n#ggas be fruity no pebble, i’m bringing the heat for [?]

[verse 2]

you know all my n#ggas gon ride, don’t hit from the front, ima hit from the side, p#ssy ass [?], this ain’t no game you know you gon die, shots, shots, ima let that sh#t fly, [?] we f#ckin up, cum in her mouth, she suckin em d#cks, h#lla amounts like tetris we be stackin up, i put some lean in my double cup, feelin somebody so watch how i double up, blast it up, blast it up, you know that i’m crazy i blast it up, these n#ggas they punch just like broads, yuh that’s on god


nani? nani?