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xinclair – nightmare in wonderland (remix) lyrics


[intro: xinclair]
draped up and drip that know i’m really ’bout that
draped up and drip that know i’m smokin’ out back
draped up and drip that know i’m really whippin’ that
draped up and drip that know i’m really countin’ racks

[verse 1: xinclair]
aye i been sellin’ all these bricks so you know i got that money
see a bad lil b-tch then i put d-ck in her tummy
i was geekin’ off the molly while these b-tches off the c0ke
i got twp broke wrist but the diamonds keep em froze
i was whippin’ in the kitchen model call my trap phone
say she want the d-ck now so i had to leave the trap
flyin’ new york to la so you know i keep a strap
got my d-ck deep in a thot then i put d-ck in her back
had to leave that stupid b-tch gotta get back to sellin’ crack
man that boy a f-ckin’ l!ck so i ran up in his sh-t
smokin’ gas cookies loaded in the blunt with the hash
diamonds freezin’ off my neck while designer straight from france
all these p-ssy n-ggas talking had to show em how to act
b-tch i’m spendin’ all my money get a cheque made it back
mix the sprite up with the lean only sippin’ on that act
money fillin’ up the volt know the benjis getting stacked

[verse 2: gun boi kaz]
100 thousand on my wrist
100 thousand on my hands
i got two d-mn phones and a closet full of brands
f-ck a dream, f-ck a dream i been dreaming bout the fans
i’m a living nightmare, came straight outta wonderland
mama told me not to trap, now i’m trapping on the low
i been cruising in the beamer while i’m puffing on the blow
trichomes frosty like my wrist and that’s icy icy cold
she just want me for the money now she begging “make me glow”
so i guess i’ma k!ll it, i get it, and sell it
a l!ck ima hit it, no reason for tricking
got way too much sickness, y’all acting like b-tches
no stopping my system, i swear ima blow
homie talk sh-t and i’ll let you all know
do not f-ck with kaz, i’ll put two in your throat
lay you all down while i’m standing ten toes
popping i’m popping the gat on the low
came from the cut give you st-tches like sew
living for money what you living for?
flames in my rhymes, fire my flow
blazing i’m blazing i burn em’ like bo
so what is the time baby what is the place?
cus i swear ima pull up, yeah, i’m on my way
and the foreign be whipping, the foreign be loud
when the feel less club pull up just don’t come around