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xouxie – sunlighthill666 lyrics


put a human in the pen
punish them for every created sin
where shall i begin
yeah, i got demons, i see the devil grinning
it’s just beginning
phased out, first i’m singing now i’m rapping making your soul scream out
i’m my favorite sinner
i’m all perception, saying what has the least death perception
there’s too many to mention
i’m just to far out of comprehension
get the knife, the skull is right there
slice through there
the similarities bеtween a paid shooter and a thot
they both want to blow brains out
use thе shot gun
see if there’s a trade out
take all the pain, and end it all now
it can all be ended with a shot, but there’s another way out
puzzled by the way this world is laid out
idols, role models get blasted away
is this the way people really go out
try and heal but it’s not enough cause your heart is still f+cking hurting
worried about what i’m worshipping
you nervous, about my penmanship
i write in cursive, got a f+cking death note
i have a pile of corpses, i only praise the dead
it’s called the devil’s ballad
praise up, lay up
miss you jordan, jarrad down to jahseh
sticking with you, don’t care what they say
my time’s running out
the clocks ticking down
i detonate like a bomb huh
osama trying to sign me to al+qaeda
like a supercar in nevada
f+ck it, i’ll give my life to this boom bap