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xpertthief – you guys seriously need to stop lyrics


[intro: cashmoneyap]
k!ll ’em j position”

[verse: kevin lasean]
“i got gta 6”
no you didn’t, shut up
sit down, better shut up
i’m on the track; ’bout to run up
i can not relate
you fakes, o.k
and don’t call it a giveaway
if you do not give ____ away

youtube at a new low
i can’t take that bish
i might have to go in
i might not come back, bish
red arows, “you must see”
red circles, “trust me”
i’m not saying i tried it, but i don’t lie to my audience, see?

“gta 6” no bish
“red dead 2” no bish
“like this video for…” no bish
shut the h-ll up with that bish
seriously just stop it
for real bro, you toxic
little kids as your market
you lie to them for some profit

this no rice bubblegum diss rap
i really just speak rap
rosetta stone how i speak rap
golden ls; bish tweet that
hold up wait, let me recap
gamestop, fake cover, photoshop
hold up stop
hold up stop; let the beat drop

like, “thumbs up for fake giveaways”
“thumbs up for fake secrets”
“thumbs up; i got a fake game”
“thumbs up if you believed it”
you sit on camera and you lie
you must really hate your life
all these channels gotta die
i hate to go and be “that guy”

but i gotta
free smoke i’m a rasta
turnt up, like pasta
yeah bish call me papa
i eat beats like nandoes
my voice gettn’ real lispy
bish i’m fly like frisbee
yeah i’m throwing shade like fifty, yeah
i’m throwing shade like fifty

[outro: kevin lasean]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah