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xrhun – cxncrete lyrics


[chorus x4]
i don’t give a f+ck about you not even concrete

if you really know something don’t tell me
’cause it means that i already know all of it
you lost your relevance while you were waiting
meanwhile my sh+t was off the charts
i made it to the top
so get ready when i aim at the stars
’cause i’m shining so f+cking bright

alright i’ma be real this time
’cause you know it’s my prime
plus this rhymes won’t give me anything than bad crimes
i’m not grime or anything that you like
when it’s daytime everything’s normal, right?
but at night i climb the mountain of the rhymes
you know somebody gotta pay the price

only pay the price when the sh+t is ’bout me dawg
otherwise why do i bother myself and give a f+ck?
when the b+tches duck, afraid of my glock yh
please shut the h+ll up now
i ain’t being real, just telling lies

it was close, i was bout to touch the stars on the sky
unknown cause, i still don’t know why i’ve gone this far
give me a pause, you don’t have to keep it up til you die
you know hoes, they want the things that you don’t even f+cking like

wow, hold up, what the f+ck was that?
who the f+ck let you in?
i thought i could make it clean
but uh, how can i say this?
it’s hard to listen what you say really
i don’t give a f+ck about you like concretely

[chorus x8]
i don’t give a f+ck about you not even concrete