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xxxtentacion – barney is a killer lyrics


[intro: stain]
where the f-ck is the…

[verse: xxxtentacion]
ay, if you’re tweaking i might press
ayy, yuh, hold me back with chains
hey, yuh, leaking out my face
any, yuh, hatred in my veins
toxic, flesh, you get stomped in head
ocean, lake, p-ssy to my face
glocks, kays, you can get erased
ay, yuh, know your f-cking place
on my cuz
i see you dead in my conscious
im like lochness
drako tucked i got no options
pull up stop it! you get hit and you start p-ssing
turn, you missin’ uh
f-ck your daughter, been my mission
river styx
smoke a cig and i start fishin’
d-ck in throat, i bust nut she swallow children
see my d-ck, she see d-ck and she start sitting
im star children, yuh
223 fly at your fitted
i’m not kidding, i’m not kidding, im not kidding