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xasthur – reflecting hateful energy lyrics


reflecting hateful energy

red hopelessness impaled on rocks and trees.
fallen from cliff’s edges, a cursed exit from weakened mortality.
servants sacrificing their flesh (for soon the soul will be gone).
in the name of nothingness, abduction of your will to live.
rat-like minions seal the trapped circle and vacant sp-ces (of a living h-ll) filled with hate.
saviour of ruin, obsessed with your decay.
dying eyes like blood flooded tombs.
a vampiric christ’s hateful reflection.
by a red spell is cast into the deadest of all eyes, release the chains and slash your troath.
eternal black winter left only hate in its never-ending grasp.
the killing shadows of all it was i never lived for.
injecting hate into despondent minds possessing your decay.
asphyxiate upon ghastly hidden fear.

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