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xmpl – s600 royale lyrics

[verse 1]
the future bright
im getting nervous baby i’m getting uptight
i make some songs but there’s a lotta sh-t that i rewrite
and i don’t really know what to do with my life
im with my fam playing monopoly
i get through sh-t music and some f-ckin comedy
im homer simpson on this odyssey
and now i gotta do this sh-t fill my prophecy
hold up wait a minute
on broadway that’s wicked
my fence is only pickett
now hold up wait and listen
my cousin name is dylan
civil war and now im lincoln
world series f-ckin tickets
and now im mother f-ckin kickin
got a ride like xibit
it ain’t a honda on that mother f-ckin street, girl it ain’t a f-ckin civic
yeah my tv f-ckin vivid
and now i’m college committed
jumpin, jumping with some joy
eating cookies chips ahoy
and he ain’t on dem steroids!

i can’t imagine what life would be without you

[verse 2]
d-mn this life so crazy
wake in the morning i’m lazy
last night was so hazy
thank god im here safely
whippin in the new mercedes
wearin tye dye like eighties
throwin p-sses like i’m brady
then i’m kissin all dem babies
last beat f-ckin rainy
saying what up to them ladies
i ain’t got sh-t lately
but now im with my girl katie
b-tch what? why you hate me
why you gotta go and play me
i said b-tch yeah maybe
but why you listening to paisley
seatbelt yeah i’m safety
girl i don’t get it but why the h-ll are you bein mother f-ckin shady
you haven’t been here lately
vitamins on the daily
now i’m running like im lacy
and i want you to be here girl, want you to be my baby

i can’t imagine what life would be without you

[verse 3]
agh! i just don’t know if you got all this sh-t and then know what to do
they looking at me and then saying max you not a jew!
im playin that bball at lago mar call my name drew
then they saying this good yeah i already knew!
agh, yeah, i get it and get it and get it and get it again and i drive
i’m not kendrick b-tch, why you k!lling my vibe!
i called up my girl, agh, i told her i’ll be there in 5!
and this sh-t ain’t no joke! this ain’t no colt 45! agh!
i am the king of the flames! agh!
i am the king of the game! agh!
i am the king of all of this sh-t! please don’t talk down on my name! agh!
i am the king of the land! agh!
i am the king of the street! agh!
i am the king of all of you boys so go ahead now take a seat

- xmpl lyrics

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