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y2 – prophec lyrics


no need for gun fire
b+tch i’m fire
another rhyme and somebody dies
it’s becoming so common i ain’t from the chi
so cut to the chase get cho body botched
slaughter yo house i am knife to your tummy tuck
up to something attic on average i’m still master class
you deez new n+ggas signing up
just face it choo facing a god
it’s unfortunate situation you basic b+tch
calm it down
b+tch i am the new breath of texas
i’m ali express and muhammad in every round
somebody tell nas i’m sk!llmatic
might need him on that sh+t
no accidental murder now
lil feeling’ i’m rap and reborn
gotta fill in like taxes
that top ten is coming down
aside from this
god’s new prophet it’s obviously
napalm strong this a re+flex
y’all shoulda been warned
jason re+bourne ain’t that about a b+itch
no match for god i’m famous for my flame and h+rns
got damion?
godd+mn god bless godzilla
i’m clip ready tip still don’t smoke no cigar
i’m muay thai’d than kicks man hit man 99 my n+gga
i am lebron leonidas with bronchitis
coughing on 55 students wit lice
wita smile on my face
i’m nice and i’m class+sick
you are pop warner i am botswana hot
pop and swatting mosquitoes blocking the sun
top spot i am spock
you are not star on a trek
back wita stroke, boat, tackle box and black n mild
bop thot wita furry box chewbacca
jersey raised told my bay i’m onne
turn on tha cam+den stay on phone like we don’t know life matters
back wit that newark
prince on ten but a king on nine nine
nine nine nine nine nine nine
oh that’s yo boo?
ask her
you don’t want no parts wit me like spelling strap on backwards
i am return of the dragon with nuts hanging
like the back of ford f+150 trucks
wita dallas cowboys bumper sticker
whata n+gga whataburger what if murder was the case?
what a day to be alive wita bopper beside me
sucking d+ck while i drive by bible studies screaming i am god
i am flattered dark matter sharks scatter
back tatted listening to “they smiling in yo face”
back stabbers psychedeli+li+li+li+li
die when i drop i am off the head top of the rope
this is sprite and some dope
i ignited somebody’s new phobia
man where yo goalie at?
i am mongolian poleon
dynamite got a light?
got it right satellite
sounds bout right
that’s a knife appetite satisfied
jack and mike tyson fights
that’s a bite black ya eye
where da ice?
televised tell em i said this “die”
prophecy probably goblin bobbling bobble heads
y’all are dead andale mandalay
momma say mamba mentality actually
kobe not dead he got tats on his head he look just like me
silently signs of me i can be
i can see where this go violently finally
9 million 9 hundred 99 thousand and 99 senses
you’re witnessing hypnosis