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yahzee. – beatbox freestyle lyrics


shawty said she like me so i told her buy a rollie
when them n+ggas see me they say i drive it like i stole it
push the chevy down a one way it’s moving like a lotus
mompremier the drip, yeah don’t act like you ain’t notice

them n+ggas who hear the unreleased be like yo bro you goated
they see me in my hood and say i’m moving like the potus
imma pay off my momma crib i can’t wait for the moment

wrd to my mother when gang roll that splif that sh+t is never floatin
wrd to my mother hе talking crazy he just gon get murked
lеave a boy right on a shirt , ugh
pop that boy just like a perc
bullets in his belly gon hit just like desert
say h+llo to my lil friend i’m going bezerk

ugh ugh ugh yahz (x9)