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yamine - the clown interlude lyrics


live right now, yoo rad!! finna spit all acapella man!!! i might hurt some feelings but f+ck it, i’m tired of the disrespect so listen!!

how could y’all claim talent off of a couple of tees?
just cause he represent post and y’all follow on ig
you ignore every other artists and then roll up some weed
if we ain’t smoking, or doping, hoping to get a buzz from a single drink
hennessy is a no+go but y’all talent is at the level of sparkle
meaning there’s no originality just generic versions of your favorite rappers madе local
one is mixed with polo, durk or yb
y’all ride his coat though and lеt these bums think
mooder is good, graduated with this manz back in 19
scare tactics and drastic clout maggots willing to stick to a sick d+ck that y’all ride
if you take this as a diss then that tells me everything has already been part of a decide
42 claims to unify but divide
he doesn’t notice it but his handlers have stolen out of another labels pie
court cases are now being issued
these dummies finna be paying fees because stealing from me, has you buried deep under a pile of debt disguised as rubble, i take this as a threat this is why
my upgrade will be your despise
they call me broke based off of appearance
but doesn’t know i’m sitting downtown in a skyscr+per, filing papers, owning labels, in a suit and tie
my office has my name on it!
i also own a building on the east side helping others get jobs and sign deals in no time
not one artists from here blow without my approval!
labels and radio goes through me to receive the artists i think has a chance for school yo
i am the man in the suits, making deals, i’m close to mills
naptown rappers think they him but can’t even look upon my field
they get chills at some lame venue during all star weekend
wayne signed an artist by l.s. from indy, but this town gave him no chance
i spoke with weezy who went through lisa & hailey to even reach me
we spoke about money and lonnie snipes music to get him signed
y’all making bread, to me that’s great
but i have a whole buffet you can’t even make it as a crumb on my plate!
i don’t buy expensive clothes or chains to prove that i’m making money
i put on pjs and go to sleep and still make the same amount of money ya’ll flexing man this is funny
hundreds stacked on hunnids, thousands are now flooding, these rappers bragging this success while putting down others
i’m here to uplift and not kiss no ass, but to brag this one time, i’m certainly on yo ass
you banging amc boy i’m at regal, i rented out the whole d+mn theater here take a seat and catch this sneak peak of this preview

redscar is coming out, yeah that’s true

whole soundtrack in the works fully produced by me and directed by she its possible i’m the james gunn in this industry

16 offices, 2 storage sp+ces, 100 boring laces with racist agendas its mainly those who pander to multiple genders pushing them agendas word to brenda i’m sending a few lawyers out for dinner

let’s go,that was just a warm up all from the top of the dome, now it’s time to get heated

(verse 1)
nothing wrong with my psych kid
i’m just a psychic quick with side kicks
mma i didn’t like it, got my ass whipped but i tried it
3+6 was the record, i don’t want pizza ears for the record
i still have sk!lls no pressure
just learned the basics, it’s the real pleasure
whether i still got feels for my side chicks, i don’t lie b+tch, i don’t have it
brought up some sh+t her friend made up, they steady single, tryna make up
take her confidence and shake sh+t up
instigating willing to break sh+t up
i’m not fake or caking up
b+tch wipe them tears it’s fake bruh
don’t get the confidence to reason with my chick
now ya’ll got her rolling blunts, she too high to suck on my d+ck
s+x is now trash, ass is going bad, her cat must be used by every man in the nap
i got evidence of this peasant sh+t, i’m valued as high and mighty i started as a prince in this b+tch
came from royalty, i give back royalties
i’m now loyal to t, and anyone in my circle see
first it was b, but she couldn’t wait, now she acting fake cuz that n+gga in her face
we both do weights, i might’ve pushed weight, now he got her by the waist, in 3 bars she gonna faint
i have an empty campus needing to paint
i got the black & red ready to create
i’m exposing all the bs going on in the state
don’t care if you switched locations, vacations we could’ve made
you went for the dollar, not tryna build in no way
all i needed was a week and she couldn’t stand the suspense
so she ignored me for ten’ but crazy he has 2 kids
both are real kin, they’re twins made in sin
your a christian chick so listen if you want the truth to be revealed
yeah i had feels, you had em too, you told me you was down
your family came around and paraded us around town
during that time your current n+gga had a smile
his woman had a wow on her face let’s discover how
they f+cked july 8th, i believe the year was 1+8
9 months later they had twins because he came
pull out game was weak, he a nerd, so a condom wasn’t appraised
he wanted to feel it all, but the outcome was a burden too heavy for that mayne
such as shame man

(verse 2)
yeah, i’m back in the game
fame was mentioned, i have no gain
levi came in clutch when he had no name
i’m steady helping out the state, i don’t see that from this lame
boy stay in your lane
he’s steady biting jid & kenny
with 90s type beats and c+cksuckers in his camp drinking henny
m+th+f+ckas think i’m a tramp making millies
sh+t don’t make sense, but his boss p+sses out fenny
now he got grills, turning emo cuz he think it’s trendy
this a warning shot for you n+ggas to back the f+ck down
back in the town, i’m packaging sounds, creating the how
now i’m dealing with the media faking it out
they have one reporter that’s real and it’s wow
but she still part of the clowns, dropping stories on who’s in her house
let me expose the b+tch, she is the chick from verse one
aborted her 3rd son, cuz the daddy was on the run
went up north to finish college and train kids
now he with the chick from bloomington that was easily rizzed
first relationship, he gave her hopes with her first kiss
as they locked lips she tasted some kids
red flag alert now she’s in some deep sh+t
her family isn’t aware but now this record is in the mix
algorithms hunting her for life, wondering if this track’s about her & that guy
in my dm’s she’s asking why?
she had no clue why i would lie
here’s the riddle, you follow the baby momma on her timeline
you also f+cked your bestfriends man when she was pregnant at the time
left a bottle of wine, he used a rubber this time
implanted a crime and you left with cum in your eye
(verse 3)
the video is out, he has the tapes of your sin
it’s not of revenge cuz your name is on the nda for consent
i’m shocked this is something major you missed
you both pieces of sh+t, but i’m not close to the end
he also beat on the reporter, and slept with her friend
before the law passed she switch states to get rid of the kid
now you graduating college walking down the aisle with a smile
looking s+xy in the gown, with that degree covering your mouth
your father didn’t attend that bullsh+t instead he came to my event
now we breaking bread, turning dropouts into accomplishments
now b+tch your attached to his bone
playing innocent until your the one he owns
his baby momma is struggling with 2 twin kids at her home
father out here f+cking you with your homegirls staying toned

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