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yasser savior – 20 smart lyrics


gotta go b-tch ride a bikes
count hound thousands bands every single day
same name as you can get out of my face
y-sser savior is my name
i still little single kid
20 brains 20 age

mumble rappers i am mumble rapper
or whatever. neal’s fails count it 20 male’s
20 name 20 frame 20 page
dirty talk dirty walk dirty f-ck
sucker blood sucked d-ck
student 12 cl-sses
hoses i am dissing moses
kisses big booty -ssess vip
misses 20 godness
almost you chooses red roses
to your babies bosses especially
b-tches misses only bag’s money riches

auh man!

let them know that i was made you 20 smart
20 people fighting each other their mother
let her know there i was made you 20 smart
eminem give up when i dropped 20 smart

playing boy little toy
act like a you dangerous man
talking to your uncle ben
hole sh-t you just needed honest
attention like a mention
jewish f-cking christian
islamic muslims respecting
top on the roof they always jumping
p-ssy brains suicide name
f-ck every stupid religions
whole my life islamic i am muslim
i don’t even lie my enemies die
i don’t really cry
i don’t get in peace and i
i don’t even cry
cause i don’t know why
i don’t born to the die
i don’t even know
when we all die
time enough . the clock stop
i just still alive and i don’t know why
living lonely life

i love her when she angry at my face
i like her when she smiling at my face
i hate her when she laughing at my face
i f-ck her when she cheating at my face

i don’t make you nervous
sh-t it’s all make me nervous
man jar.. for me far
to be smart. 20 smart
broken heart it doesn’t matter
a doctor hearts
just hold up no rap fall coffee cup
only clap clap clap super clap i am super rap
make me sure there was some 20 smart
f-ck you’re know i was 20 smart

someone told me that i could be changed
it doesn’t really matter i am fine
take my time make my life
20 smart flying to the sky
kamikaze pilot finished
at my feet l!ck that beat
with my feet. f-ck my b-tch
eat my d-ck. just little bit
you couldn’t eating
of my meat