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yazii – m.a.a.d city lyrics


[verse 1: yazii]
twisted thugs is a small label
but were not undermanned
youngblood rapper, im still an undergrad
out this world, take your girl to the motherland
i am the mad hatter, this is my wonderland
and life’s a tea party so just sit back and rest
and tell me if you can, why is a raven like a writing desk?
f-ck the queen of hearts, cuz spades are the trump suit
but mess with my crew and itll be off with your head too
lewis carroll taught us way back in 1865
that when you let yourself go is when you really come alive
see im a different kind of rapper, my thoughts intellectual
and im out here doing me i guess that im just as-xual
i make the most out of life, i thank god everyday
i don’t do mary don’t do molly huh, i guess im g-y
no gold on my neck, just a cross thats sterling silver
and i’m a quiet winner you can call me trent dilfer
im the anchor of the label yea i hold it steady
g*nius with the words mind sharp like a machete
can’t even stop me in your dreams im a nightmare: freddy
and if life was a race id be mario andretti
but im just having fun young and wild: serengeti
and these haters are just weak sauce i put em on spaghetti
donato’s beats so hot when you hear em youll get sweaty
my lyrics are over your head, over your head like confetti
and we got mack going off, not talking bout gunshots
and j is hitting em, not talking bout jumpshots
ha, and now the ladies trying to holler
so many dimes with me i can give you change for dollar
put the rap game in a chokehold, yea im coming for the collar
bring you to your knees like you were at the altar
lyrics so icy that you could say im frozone
too good for all these haters man yall can just go home
yea and its almost like im not even trying
get the ladies call em dames like the fighting irish
and we k!llin em, if you listen you can hear the sirens
getting money, got more bucs than the pittsburgh pirates
uhh, family out the ukraine, best in the game since wu-tang
i’m a deadly combination of bruce wayne and 2chainz
now my girl getting jealous because i am flirting with greatness
on amazing gullit said hes sick, well then i must be contagious
because they’re saying im the one, im the one just like half two
didn’t wanna end tru speaks career, but do it again if i have to
keep my bros close
keep my enemies closer
treat those fools like some toast
and i am the toaster
i’m heating up like i made as basket or two
k!llin this sh-t, go get a casket or two
your career is history, cuz i took you to school
you should just quit go head and pack it up dude
im just get started so rack em like pool
attack all these fools, p-ssed off att-tude
hungry for the top like im begging for food
by now you must be feeling that im coming off rude
so were bout to have a feud like capulet/montague
and excuse my french, but ima fry all these dudes
frankly i find that your views are all skewed
and if im in a bad mood than your bout to get screwed
and ill make sure its your picture tomorrows obituary includes
see it’s the top i pursue, all my haters subdued
and once my wealth accrued, that’s when i can conclude
yazii b-tch