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year of the ox – haribo cypher lyrics


[verse 1: jl]
pick your poison, me and ricky slippin’ into different portals, think of rick and morty
it’s important that you pick up all the signals given, given that you listened for ’em
we been on a ship that’s driftin’ towards a different solar system ‘cuz we bored of this one
boat was sinkin’ so we boarded this one, now we at the border fully loaded missiles
had to pick up the bag on ’em

had to get up and spazz on ’em
back on the path smashed on the gas and then left with the cash on ’em
bashed in all the doors for ’em
that’s when all was over for ’em
the fat lady sang her little song, and that was all she wrote for ’em
she told me she loved my dirty drawers, i told her come over and show me then
i told her i’m on, and i’m not gon’ be here for long, so don’t keep avoiding it
look i’m on the way, i got away, look i caught a body then i caught a wave
look, i got a problem with not knowin’ when to stop
i got a lot of things i gotta change, yox

[verse 2: lyricks]
it’s your call
do i show mercy or do i red dead it and use the dead eye on your forehead on the first draw?
knock your hat, pelt and purse off
it’s your fault
you tried to come lurk and talk sh-t but i heard y’all
now it’s bird calls, what happened to that boy?
you know it’s nothing for me to begin to purge y’all
my momma, my daddy, they smilin’ now, they finally admit it, they proud of me
they rocking my merch at the cleaners, that’s an achievement for me, i mean finally
but next year i’m moving ’em out because this year i’m doin’ the most
i got a couple months, 20 days left now watch what i do with a coast
people that’s listening saying this lyricks sh-t, something that’s different about it
he’s hittin’ his pocket, the rhythm is sharp and he’s on it like magna c-m laude
there’s no way around it, the world’s getting smaller, the game getting crowded
but some of us train., worked our aim, and reloaded started takin’ some out it
ayo i could be sl!ck, i could steal yo’ chick, i don’t need no money, nah nah
i don’t need to drip, i just feed her ribs and haribo gummies, yah yah
then i get some chips, then we dip in a lyft back to the crib you mad she left
but you overreactin’ a bit, think i saved you but if you still want her she’ll be back in a minute

[outro: jl]
11am woke up in the mornin’ got weed rolled up while i’m yawnin’
i’m like fee fi fo fum when i’m comin’
that’s right we might pull up if it’s something that’s right this life that we livin’ is bugged out
i might just turn into a b-tterfly
i look at my self in the mirror now
and i might just jump into the other side