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yk – alone lyrics



lil peep talking:
“everything changes with time
you can’t predict where your gonna be next year
you have no idea
there have been points
like i’ve been in very very very low points.”

[verse 1]

lately i just feel alone
even when there’s people in my zone
my family here
my friends here
oh yeah’
but why do i still feel on my own
its like, they will never feel my pain
nah they won’t understand a thang’
they telling me that i just need to pray
done prayed so much
i ain’t got much to say
i swear i do the best that i can
to pull through but lately i just can’t
go any further’ nah i’m sinking fast
treating everyday like it could be my last
ain’t scared of n-body but myself
i’m feeling weak and these drugs just don’t help
mentally i done lost my health
swear this is a feeling i ain’t ever felt
so can you please help me out this maze
lost in my sorrow and can’t find my way
burning deep inside and can’t control the flame /
guess i’m better off if i just fade away


guess i’m better off if i just
guess i’m better off if i just
guess i’m better of if i just
if i just

mac miller talking:
“but that’s more dangerous then actually l.a
is kinda just sitting there
by myself all the time
you know?
it becomes like uh
it becomes uh
toxic .”