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yksammyk – the race is done lyrics


you dont know who i am
dont even try to pretend
’cause this is the end of us

’cause i tried to make it work for you
wait dont leave
oh please believe me that this wasn’t that
a million issues i shouldn’t have to take it i know betta’ for myself
’cause baby im leavin’ you (miss you will you miss me baby?)
i have to go now i can’t stay here

you really bond this ain’t what i want
be strong we just need this isnt who we are
try to change get out of my way
if you dont leave i will
oh baby i will miss you
will you miss me?
i have to go now!
i can’t stay
dont need to wait ’cause im doubting you
someday the will through the waves and race is done the race is won

its over done
when you see me
six months down at the starbucks line
im sorry i got no time for you

liven time off to me
accidents goodbye
the race was won the race is no
longer fun it had to end we are (through)

im puttin’ the shoe
the race is won the war is done
is longer fun we had to
the magic the spark it is gone!
wasn’t really there for so long
that this ain’t that
that this ain’t that
this ain’t that
oh baby i will you oh you will miss
me go now i can’t stay no need to wait
i think were done no love
some day dont stand in my way
im done the war is done
the end has come
the race is done