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yn jay – bitch lyrics


[intro: yn jay]
this a wayne beat

[verse 1: yn jay]
got a b+tch that
got a b+tch that suck d+ck on camera, that’s my [?]
b+tch walked in with stanky feet, she got pickle toes
b+tch wear some lil ass shoes, she got cripple toes
n+gga you ain’t be [?] hoes
b+tch got a slippery ass coochie, i can’t grip the ho
hit a b+tch 28 grams [?] zip [?]
bunch of b+tches in my bed, d+mn
bunch of b+tches in my bedroom, i can pick those
hit a hundred b+tches in my [?]
b+tch, be quiet in my crib, you gon’ [?]
[?] b+tch from the back on my tippy toes
b+tch used to have some [?] where your jiffy go?
b+tch used to have some perfect bobbies, where your tittiеs go?
i just hit an old ass lady, she was 54
made 27,000 twice, it was [/]
[verse 2: louie ray]
whatеver i need to learn, i’m tryna [?]
life got cut short, he ain’t live to grow
[?] all the lean was gone, i’m pretending though
said it’s time to blow up, that’s what i’m intending for
buy a building on the main street [?]
if i spill my [?] on the ground, imma l!ck, ok
if i spill wok on the ground, imma l!ck the floor
i told her “let’s get drunk and take it there”, but i ain’t l!ck the ho
she had some money in her perse, i done l!cked the ho
thought i was just shipping shoes, but i shipped the [?]
we can do this sh+t wehrever n+gga, ick a floor
i got some sh+t to show in every room, n+gga, pick a door
i sold rocks when i was broke, never kicked a door
he switched over to the [?] he done kicked the [?]
[?] too much for ok
if you say 80,000 too much for a coat, imma give [?]
she said she paied 20,000 for her ass, let me feel it
22 g’s on me in new york, i’m on some drill sh+t
[?] give it to you watered down, this the real sh+t
[?] ask me what it’s like to be right here, but i don’t feel sh+t
gotta be doing something right, because i’m still lit
i knew she was a ho, cause when i left, she [?]
it’s crazy how i’m still going hard, look what i deal with
backstabbed, nightmares, i done k!lled sh+t
[?] i done built sh+t
my cup [?] gotta tilt it
just got some head from a grown b+tch, she left lipstick
[verse 3: yn jay]
i just met a b+tch that weigh a whole lotta pounds, she was a big b+tch
i just met a b+tch that don’t stop, [?] need a stick shift
hundred thousand dollars ain’t sh+t, i’m on some rich sh+t
you the type of n+gga send d+ck pics
thick b+tch sucking d+ck, she got big lips
only reason you in the strip club, you do big tips
b+tch can’t even take [?] big tip
[?] don’t go tick tock, it go tick tick
b+tch ask how much money i got, imma
b+tch i’m rich rich