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yns los – for dot lyrics


you want to be on the intro?
you don’t want to be on the intro?
f+ck it
you don’t got be on the intro
i’ll still make my own intro though off you not wanting to be on my intro
so it’s still a intro
when this sh+t drop this sh+t gone be hard as f+ck you dig
big yns
stop playin
big yns
stop playin
big yns
on gang
stop playin n+gga aye
motherf+ckers ain’t want to do my intro
but its straight though
free max
free vo
free los
free terry too b+tch uh

verse 1, baby ftg:
free gang out that pin
them n+ggas say that they spinnin
my n+ggas in the cut
know that we winnin
we been steppin on these n+ggas since children
b+tch im from the gutta free throw
with yns gang though
my brothers n+gga play swear to god we motherf+cking blow
my n+ggas they scoring
verse 2, yns los:
yea you know they we scoring
big yns yea you know i ain’t goin
f+cking this b+tch cause you know that she hoeing
hе talking sh+t then we go kick his door in
yns and ftg
i f+cked his b+tch what thе f+ck do you mean
im shooting like dame and im getting this green
its playboi and playboi you know that we t’d

verse 3, baby ftg:
its playboi and los yea we getting this paper
thick b+tch i might slay her
take her to the back like breaker
these n+ggas really be p+ssy they haters
no i can’t worry bout that
got to go get my sack right uh uh
and i hit his b+tch like last night
and these n+ggas they really be cap right

verse 4, yns los, baby ftg:
yea these n+ggas they really be cap right
ima beat his ass like its fight night
ima aim that b+tch and it got some sight
why these n+ggas wan play
they want to play with they life
and you know i’m strapped up no dyk+
smoking this gas i be high no kite
bend the b+tch down i might

verse 5, yns los:
i might just f+ck his hoe
you know i do the most
you know it’s big losso
you know i ain’t gone go
i had to up the score
i put a tag on his toe
if he want smoke then i’m letting it blow
he seen me and ran like he seen a ghost
its big yns you know that we steppin
aknf stay strapped up with weapons
ftg yea you know what we reppin
that boy ain’t no gangster you know he be telling
i got some gas i know that you smell it
know you like this song i know that you feel it
baby ftg and yns los
my glock like some drugs you gon overdose
in this rapping sh+t you know you gon lose
its big yns know we strapped up with tools
i don’t like you n+ggas so no we not cool
im crazy like joker but i ain’t no fool
i sit in a throne and you sit in a stool
your b+tch liking losso she see me in school
i see the homies and im yelling out move
im crashing out go see him on the news
verse 6:
he played with losso and he died
yns know we gon ride
i f+ck his b+tch up from behind
you know lil losso he gon slide
you know lil miney ride or die
he talking sh+t he got hit with that fire
im f+cking his b+tch and it feel like a slide
im slicing him up like he was a pie
we gon drop his ass and then send him to frye
make his momma say goodbye
you say im a b+tch you know that you lied
he got out of the kitchen you know that he fried
i ain’t wide receiver but his ass getting spiked
your b+tch wanting losso you know that she like
know i do the
my wrist on frozone
she got to
go home

gang gang
rip kdot
rip 6op
we gon up the score



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