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ynw_rdx – lies (remix) lyrics


[verse 1 (ynw_rdx)]
you think that i need you
but you ain’t sh-t
you act like lilo
but i ain’t st-tch
ohana means family
guess your the b-tch
i got no lone
i got a phone
b-tch you can’t
the take heat ho
you can’t
go with the flow
you to low
you the one
to deal without me
b-tch i not to clingy
ho i am the best
with the west
you think your
the best no
i am you broke
up with me
you think your smart
you are the a dumb-ss
that f-cked up
you keep
talking sh-t
cause you are
sh-t b-tch
you like
to be a d-ck
you l!ck
you like to l!ck p-ssy
you motherf-cker
think i am sh-t
i am a bad-ss
i am in blood gang
you liking i speak
facts ho lambert
she thinks that i
cheated on her
she’s a b-tch like a
witch i am smoking
weed with the bleed
b-tch she can try to
cast me outside how
about that
she crys
she dies
she f-cking lied
she cryed when
i stared at her
she a witch
she l!ck
with her b-tch
she trick me
and she b-tching
\she thinks that she can
scare me yeah yeah
i am smoking
she working
i am getting
punished that i did not do
she is b-tch got a witch
she cries
she dies
she lies
every f-cking day
she thinks i can
go rest in peace
f-ck it she can stop
been an -ssh0l-
she is b-st-rd
she is wasting her
f-cking time
she is a p-ssy -ss
motherf-cker that
does not stop f-cking around
she found she can go f-ck her self
and f-ck off i have to stay on my
grind its like gta 5 she f-cked
our relationship up f-ck it peace out
motherf-cker she
messed with ynw_rdx she
thinks every f-cking thing is a truth
she lose she is a ho with the fo b-tch

[verse 2 (lil botix)]
why’d you have to lie to me
why’d you even f-ck with me
you said you loved me
what’s up with the f-ckery
i guess i was nothing to you
just a fool
and now i’m hurt by you
i had no clue
what am i supposed to do
move on?
like what the f-ck
you expect to leave without a fuss
lets crash the bus
you ain’t one of us
you f-cked this up
yeah, you f-cked me up
you used to hold me down
now your kicking me on the ground
look at me now
i’m a f-cking clown
but i’m scary
clawed out my own f-cking eyes
now i wanna die
dot dot dot
now i wanna cry
dot dot dot
contemplating suicide
dot dot dot
yeah, dot dot dot
you ignored me for a day
but when you left it caused me pain
i don’t wanna stay
i wanna k!ll myself
dot dot dot
trust me
this ain’t a cry for help
i was just knocked down the shelves
its like war
just lost a couple sh-lls
now i’m hidden in my sh-ll
dot dot dot
yeah, dot dot dot