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yo gotti – women lie, men lie lyrics


“women lie, men lie”
(feat. lil wayne)

women lie, men lie
women lie, men lie
women lie, men lie
the numbers don’t lie

[yo gotti:]
ay, step up in the party and them bad b-tches be on me,
i be sippin on patrone, when i’m jumpin out ferraris,
i be rocking gucci sometimes louie, i’m r-t-rded,
3 oh 5 chevy, and the shades by bacaray
hatin on my scr-p i got my mind on my money,
milan on, taking nothing from me,
hated on these, hated on these.,

ballin is my hobby, d-mn homie going shoppin,
got 5 star with me a milli in the lobby,
took her to the room, she hit me with that line,
she ain’t that type of girl so i told her stop lying,


[lil wayne:]
young money, yeah, ok,
i ain’t gotta lie, cross my heart hope to die,
the numbers don’t lie, g-5, over sky
i f-cked her p-ssy good, make her cry if i tried,
i’m tired of being sick and i’m sick of being tired,
tired of these n-ggas and tired of these b-tches,
sh-t let em lie as long as they ain’t snitching,
and men lie about women,
and sh-t women lie about plenty,
they ain’t lying on me i’m in the bed with 2 fine b-tches lying on me,
so that would make 3 and numbers don’t lie,
and money don’t lie,
and neither do i,


(the numbers don’t lie, the the numbers don’t lie)

[yo gotti:]
i’m trying to count to a billion,
my b-tch brazilian,
hop in that lamb,
push the b-tton lose the ceiling,
sun out no raindrops,
posting the same spot,
right here in north north memphis,
is where i came from,
hundred on the neck, i ain’t never had sh-t,
the streets gave me family, barry white couldnt,
ain’t no secret in the streets,
n-ggas know i got,
got swagger through the roof,
i was born,
zip code on my wrist,
phone number in the bank,
in my ten til six
with my 305 paint
i got my 357 and my 501s,
and lear 55 with my air force ones.


yo this your boy yo gotti
(say what you want but the numbers don’t lie)