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yolo swag studios – epstein rap lyrics



“would you please give us your name?”

“jeffery epstein”

“is it true sir that you have what’s been described as an egg shaped p+n+s”

first name epstein
second name child rapist
you should have k!lled me better, b+tch
you can’t escape this
here’s a hot track
i’m just like eminem
“yo, he sucks now, don’t even say his name again”
hillary tried to k!ll me with an ar
locked up in my cell ’cause she thought i couldn’t get far
brokе her jaw with a kick that was so sl!ck
i think she’s still mad
’cause that timе bill sucked my d+ck
now i’m in the philippines smoking mad roaches
while you’re all acting weird like toxoplasmosis
stephen hawking
i know its shocking
was on my rape jet with his d+ck out rocking
little st. james
that’s where we land the plane
‘brought a few tide boys so i know prince andrew’s game
kevin sp+cey’s here too
and its been a while
he gives me pointers on my fit
he’s got pedo style
talking up a young girl and i say i wanna f+ck her
she says she’s already got a thing with chris tucker
you’d think i’d get in trouble banging young chicks
but that’s why i brought my lawyer
alan dershowitz
everyone’s p+ssed at me talking mad sh+t
but in reality they should hunt down that jillaine b+tch
she’s the one who used to grab me on my pasta tots
and teach ’em how to suck off old dudes ’till their brains rot


yea, go after her bro
i’m like, i’m just tryna chill
i’m like, having a good time out here
i’m having some martinis
i may be, yea, i’m still banging kids
’cause i’m jeffery epstein
but, you know
i’m not in your country anymore
so, it’s chill
it’s like a chill, chill+ophelia
that’s my thing, epstein’s thing