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yoshua – knock it off! lyrics


[intro: anderson .paak & yoshua]
anderson .paak, josh man
as my leg swells up
f-ck! i b-mped my head on em’
kaytranada, kaytranada on ’em
godd-mn, n-gg-
knock it off
you gon’ have to knock it off now
come on, come on
come on, now
what you say?
yes, lawd!
yes lawd

[verse: anderson .paak]
can’t wonder if i never seen it comin’
why my eyes keep lookin’ at you?
small frame, lightweight, gold rings
tell me when and i’ma run it straight through
the f-ck is you talkin’ ’bout? i love my chocolate
i thought you knew!
come on, keep rockin’ with me, rockin’ me
say i’m kickin’ new flavor in ya ears
she wants to come near
see i get too faded when you’re near
i’m brown and you’re clear
you gon’ have to knock it off now
knock it off, knock it off, now come here!
(now bring it back, bring it back)
i’ma have to walk you home
when i get home
hold up, hold up the uber right here

[hook: anderson .paak & yoshua]
gun it, keep runnin’
you gon’ have to run it
‘kay, run it
runners on your mark
no false start
gunnin’, keep runnin’, yeah!

[outro: yoshua]
seen ’em running ’round the parking lot, parking spot
what i say to ’em? (knock it off!)
pull the .44 gunning when they talk a lot, stalk a lot
what i do to ’em? (pop it off!)
you gon’ have to knock it off when i get off
i’m calling y’all
you gon’ have to push it down when i come ’round
i’m onto y’all