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young diamond – word play lyrics


ok ok
let me tell you a story
children children
let me tell you a story
once upon a time
there was a boy name
but he was known by everybody
now how’s that possible
i guess sometimes there is possibility
do you have the ability
for stable stability
tell me your ability
for stability
can you see me
do you have vanity
or do you just have a cup of tea
tell me what you have
or tell me if your pocket empty
so i do poetic justice
but i realize in this mother f-cking world
there is no justice
so tell me should i practice
or tell me should i do this
oh you so dramatic
people try to be so authentic
but on the other hand
girls suck d-ck
guys put on lips stick
ironic right
i don’t see the irony
because every body after money
sh-t get crazy
but everybody wanna put the blame on me
we increasing technology
but what’s the method
look up in the sky
you see they talk about astrology
but what’s good
some wanna be doctors
some wanna be lawyers
some wanna be teachers
some just wanna be haters
don’t you know hate is a occupation
sit down in front of your television
hating on another man vision
worrying about the situation
trying and get some action
looking in your bank account
it’s been a year you made a transaction
don’t you think that’s ridiculous
but you wanna go and say
l o l
like you ludicrous
but that’s another story
i’m good at putting words together
so don’t even try to be like me
if you wanna get a rhyme
i could do it like time
fine line bind
combine (gasp)
this is who i am
i’m very good at english
i should really have a doctorate
but more also
those mother f-ckers out there
just illiterate
they always wanna demonstrate
but they don’t never get this sh-t
tell me how this world come up to this
i’m just drinking water
they just talking like whatever
some of them think they so clever
walking around like they don’t listen
to justin bieber
looking at them
they like uh
f-ck this mother f-cker
you know they chat
but they want to hate on a man
for saying bomboclatt
but everyday you see them watching
my story on snap chat
how’s that possible
like i said
there is always possibility
in ability
tell me do you have vanity
or insanity
or tell me if you just a man
looking for a friend of me
tell me if you just wanna friend me
or unfriend me
like you on facebook
i tell you take a look
boy you look at this place
i’m a make it shook
shake up the place boy
you a disgrace to the human race boy
talking about you educated
you a educated fool
talking about you gotta go to school
you don’t even know the golden rule
don’t let me pull up with my backpack
with a tool
and then you gonna tell me i’m cool
but that’s why i name my album
too cool for school
cause you know i’m so cool
but i’m not kool-aid
f-ck around you might need a first aid
matter fact you might
need st-tches
and i might even talk
i might even be talking about
the rapper st-tches
but every body laugh
they say i’m a comedian
maybe i am
but i’m not chris tucker
but i know is they bad
mother f-cker
ha ha ha ha
i might be a comedian
i i i should go on the stage
and make everybody laugh
yeah i’m a good actor
roll over like a f-cking tractor
do you get the factor
there is no factor
all i
all i do i come in my prime
like i’m optimus prime
wanna get a prime number
or you just wanna get my phone number
i will cut you down like you f-cking lumber
you know
what i’m saying
f-cker yute
start praying
cause when i come out
i’ll be slaying
like i’m the f-cking slayer
see you later
f-cking hater
mother f-cker
can you do it like me
no you can’t
you f-cking moving like a f-cking
i will live that rhyming word for you to say
i will just go dot dot dot
dot dot
like i’m on a website
i’m out of sight
me and my flow always unite
i just fly away high like a kite
you f-ck around
you might get smite
ha ha ha
ok i’m gone
f-ck it
i know i am the one
see you soon
go watch some cartoon