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young jk – hard life (depressed) lyrics


(verse 1) right now
life is hard
i just don’t know how
how to get this better
i haven’t got a love letter on a girl that i like
when this got worse
i wanted to end my life
this love thing is a curse
but i still want to stay alive
this shit hurts a lot
you’re the only one i got
i can’t find the right one to be with
because you’re the only one i want to be with
i’m trying to forget this deep depression
and trying to get you my attention
because you’re the only one i want
and this depression is haunting me
i don’t want to deal with it, i can’t
i wish you were the one calling me

(verse 2) i won’t let this deep depression take over
you think i’m weird and annoying
i agree to that
all this you’ve been destroying
i’m doing this shit to tell you how i feel
this thing is for real
i want to make you the most happiest girl in the world
now my heart hurts
to you i’m a f-cking waste of time
so its not u and i
i’m starring at the sky in the dark
i feel the same old feeling in my heart
i feel so alone through the thoughts in my head
i know you want me dead
what am i suppose to do?
when the best part of me could always be with you
sometimes i get the urge to talk to you
then i remember that you don’t want to talk to me anymore
it’s quite sad that i miss you. (4x)