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young money – roger that lyrics


“roger that”

i’m in the collard green 6 cornbread in the guts
got dat halloween kicks trick or treat in the clutch
c’mon n-gg- is you trickin or what?
flow tighter than a d-ck in the b-tt
jus hopped off the plane came back from van couv
little white tee sum b–bs n bamboo
white girls tell me “hey nicki your camp rules
is that why you get more head than shampoos?”
asalaam alaik-m no oink fa me
n i never let a d boy boink for free
cuz its barbie b-tch you can join the wave
i done penny nickel dime i done coined the phrase
you coudn’t beat me there if ya had a leer
indian style court side wit a cavalier
vip roseas you can have a beer
cuz honey when you gettin money you dont have a care.

roger dat [6x]

young black ricos
kill fa da c notes
but me doe
i jack son b-tch t-to
she wanna play games
but dis is not bingo
monopoly i’m p-ss go
gon head n deep throat
4 chick 4 somes
skin colors mocha
sally and sonia put tha p-ssys on my totum
wat stroke em
strike ya like bowlin
now open like ya yawnin
its 6 in tha mornin
sleepin on me probably in a coffin
i’m hotter than the end of f-ckin august
i’m awesome
repeat it to ya grandma n uncles my mothers
tygas no dad but i’m tha ma f-cka
ma f-ckas
dis tha last supper
look no hands
i’ma bread cuffer
i dont dare love, eh
i’m a dare devil
i dont fear nun
young money!

roger dat.

fresh off tha jet sharper than gillette
the blunt still wet so p-ss it like brett
we sip side a mug we call it upset
smoke more than 4 quarters we call it sudden death
i’ma beast
you a pet
ak long kneck
keith sweat
weezy mothaf-cka
capo n dis b-tch wit me
money talks n have a convo n dis b-tch wit me
i’m mountain high colorado in dis b-tch wit me
flow crazy 730 you jus 650
20 bullets from the chopper take the roof off
laughin to the bank
i’m a goof ball (ha ha)
its ym
and we at ya kneck like a violin
its our world
we make it spin
n yall tha prey..amen
now roger dat
roger dat
where roger at
i heard roger rat
f-ck around n neva get roger back