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young n reckless – intro lyrics


[verse i]
out of sight out of mind sh+t how you figure that
feelings feel up the sp+ce between us and bridge the gap
so either i could put you on a flight
or prove my point texting you goodnight
looks like i got the ticket no options gotta get it
i’m optimistic opposite of what’s not terrific
you got it bad and d+mn you got specific
i left that apart guess i forgot to fix it
now you on lock how bout a doctor visit?
lost the key to your heart but f+ck it i could pick it
how bout a room or well we ain’t gotta kick it
i think it was the rumors maybe gossip did it
i got it hit it left stroke dropped her with it
death stroke got acquitted let’s hope i could quit it
bl+w j+bs like… like moneys no prob
so let them keep talking honey that’s some mo lobs
catch ya queen in an allеy oops
flights to cali coupes, nikes, ballys, boots
learn twist and turns vallеys loops
just heating up baby cheesing like who’s keeping up lately
all the while sneaking up safety
two points new joints see my lucky charm shine
trust me baby take a number it’s goin be a long time
for what it’s worth me goin love you long time
you fine i ain’t lying we popping motherf+cker what’s up