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young nudy & pi’erre bourne – black hippie, white hipster lyrics


i need that black
i need that black
p-ss me that dope
man, let me hit that motherf-cker, k
oh, tony done found big -ss blunts
yeah, lil tre, bring that motherf-cker, let me hit that

yeah, smokin’, drankin’, poppin’ pills (yeah)
i be smokin’ weed, i don’t like a pitcher (yeah)
i be sippin’ lean, i don’t drank a little (yeah)
big -ss blunt, yeah it is a swisher (yeah)
big -ss glock on a real n-gg-
never been a b-tch, slap a p-ssy n-gg-
f-ck on your b-tch and i know you’re p-ssy, n-gg-
she sucked my d-ck and you like to kiss her, n-gg-
yeah, poppin’ that perky, no animal (animal)
flippin’ your b-tch, i got stamina (stamna)
eatin’ that p-ssy like hannibal (hannibal)
y’all n-gg-s ain’t no animals (you ain’t no animal)
yeah, b-tch, i’m an animal
in the streets hangin’ ’round with the animals (i’m with the animals)
b-tch, you’re on the plate, eat, n-gg- (yeah)
on the block with the street n-gg-s (with the street n-gg-s)
candy boy, know you’re sweet, n-gg- (like what?)
yeah, my n-gg-s, yeah we eat n-gg-s (we eat)
all these sweet n-gg-s (yeah), you’s a treat, n-gg- (uh-huh)
hang with goblin, yeah, trick-or-treat, n-gg- (trick-or-treat)
stick him up, yeah, don’t move, n-gg- (don’t move)
givin’ these n-gg-s the blues, n-gg- (the blues)
yeah, your ho wanna f-ck on me
you hate it, you didn’t have no clue, n-gg- (no clue)
you playin’, i’ll give you the blues, n-gg- (i’ll give you the blues)
nothin’ but blues, the clues, n-gg- (yeah)
your mama find you on the news, n-gg-
slime still got the tool, n-gg- (i still got the tool)
n-gg-, i bury n-gg-s like i bury straps (yeah)
he talk about me in a f-ckin’ rap (rap)
you might wrap it up, your life a wrap (your life a wrap)
yeah, yeah, your life a wrap (know that)
you can catch me in the f-ckin’ trap (i’m in the trap)
you can catch me in the f-ckin’ trap (in the trap)
unlike other n-gg-s, i don’t rap (i don’t rap)
unlike other n-gg-s, i don’t rap (i don’t rap)
n-gg-, i rap and i f-ckin’ trap (f-ckin’ trap)
n-gg-s saran and i f-ckin’ wrap (f-ckin’ wrap)
n-gg-s be playin’ and i f-ckin’ clap (bow)
n-gg-s be playin’ and i chop your hand (yeah)
n-gg-s be playin’ and i mop your man (mop your man)
n-gg-s been trappin’ since china man (china man)
n-gg- be playin’ with the pots and pans (pots and pans)
in the kitchen whippin’ pots and pans (pots and pans)
playin’ with
f-ckin’ a brick like a dope mane (like a dope mane, n-gg-)
n-gg- got bricks, bricks on bricks (bricks, bricks)
n-gg- be choppin’ up bricks, big bricks (big bricks)
n-gg- want a brick, call, cop this sh-t (call, cop this sh-t)
n-gg-, you can get your dumb-ss remixed (yeah)
f-ck with a country boy, trick his -ss quick (yeah)
hundred d-mn p’s, yeah, i got that sh-t (yeah)
never a fool when i send that sh-t
yeah, i just be shippin’ them packages (packages)
i just be trickin’ out, i’m ’bout package it (yeah)
runnin’ off with n-gg-s’ packages (yeah)
in the house countin’ up all these packages (packages)
nothin’ but these rackages (rackages)
i got the rackages (rackades)
i gotta go have that sh-t (have that sh-t)
in the street, i’m a real savage, b-tch (savage)
yeah, they know i’m real savage, b-tch (they know i’m real savage, b-tch)
yeah, i really be takin’ sh-t (i’m takin’ sh-t)
on the block, really shakin’ sh-t (i’m shakin’ sh-t)
get that money, gotta make it, b-tch (gotta make it, b-tch)
f-ck a n-gg- ’cause they hatin’, b-tch (hatin’, b-tch)
i’m sellin’ white cocaine
yeah, real slated, b-tch

i did it, this f-ckin’ ho, kiss it, ho
suck this glock, hahahaha
suck this glock
suck my glock