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young rob – burn it down lyrics


[intro: michael caine from “the dark knight”]
some men just want to watch the world burn

[verse: young rob]
they trying to knock me off my pivot, i ain’t having that
grant your girl wishes like a genie (jeanie)
buss it down and bring the magic back
bringing back showtime, she see me and it’s blow time
give that b+tch the mic, but she ain’t spitting out no rhymes
i know my role, and i play my role correctly, n+gga
captain of the ship, and you got no choice but respect me, n+gga
new rappers out here, role+playing cause they envy n+ggas
in the wrong profession, you an actor, here’s an emmy, n+gga
running up the score, and it’s not because you let me, n+gga
land of the rich, i took it hand over fist
you a broke n+gga , and your mans is a b+tch
and you taking all these shots, but you ain’t landing a hit
and i make it look easy, i won’t lie to you
do what i just gotta do, while tomo working “lambo”
i’m trying to see just what that audi do
probably can’t relate, because your moms was never proud of you
so high up the top, until the bottom is just outta view
and we smell like dour, every time we roll through
munchies going crazy, got me fiendin’ for some soul food
man, this sh+t is brazy, don’t know what these n+ggas told you
you the best example of what a real n+gga won’t do
all your songs sound like everything you n+ggas don’t do
speak it to existence, and i guarantee i won’t lose
yeah, i can guarantee i won’t lose
i’m trying to skirt off in that v12
i got major plans, and you ain’t even in the details
what the f+ck you gain, trying to hope that you see me fail?
jealousy a b+tch, and that’s a trait just for the females
let me run that back, cause man, you worse than a b+tch
i see you flexing on the gram, but that sh+t only for the fl!cks
your whole outfit, probably less than what’s up on my wrist
and they dumbing down the game
but i guess ignorance is bliss, n+gga
[outro: young rob]
and it’s scary, ’cause the effort is so minimal
and the scariest part about it all, i ain’t even reach my pinnacle