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young thug – watch your step* lyrics


lyrics from snippets

[young thug]
i was k!llin’ it like a lego
k!lled that p+ssy, yeah
lil’ baby iced out

and i got so many hunnids just like it grew on trees
filthy rich and still got k!llers ’round me
and i’m havin’ [?] get my sleeves
and i got that ho right off her feet
back in rotation
’cause n+ggas hatin’
and i’m

[?] i’m bleedin’, no bandage
came to leave some damage
and i’m with that murder sh+t
i ain’t gon’ even cap
i’m ready to smoke you like cigarettes

and it’s the wraith, but it look like–
and i’m ballin’, but i’m k!llin’ like [?] jones
and it’s the wraith, but [?] like [?]
n+ggas, this a race and you can’t catch that flow
look at my diamonds dancin’

hold my cup tight
b+tch, just watch your step
and my diamonds the best like i picked ’em by myself
b+tches see me run to these lights like moss, moss, moss