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youth group – spry griever lyrics


the window held no answer.
thoughts still ate my mind like cancer.
i studied the tendons in my hand
but i couldn’t understand
their purpose.
she struggled at the surface.

now a line of fixed smiles.
keep your eyes fixed on the roofing tiles,
just a vacant gaze.
these are strange days to grieve.
a party of dead leaves
and memories.

a series of soft speeches.
homeboys gather in their breeches.
how can we find words that will
remember her without sounding trivial.
i know i don’t know how.

it comes as sure as the next season.
but i can’t find a plausible reason.
we are infinitesimal,
but our grief enwraps us all
in it’s breadth.
your breath
still hangs inside the receiver.
the leave has it harder than the leaver.