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ysn da don – be free lyrics


i’m tryna hold on for a lil while i ain’t tryna waste ya time

little attitude but her face so fine

would you be around if i had no clout

so much pain nd problems but we figured it out

if i wasn’t me would u be wit me still?

if i lost everything would u be here wit me still?

i won’t judge just tell me wassup this sum irregular love


be free be free be free(3x)

lemme talk my sh+t

i was crying over females who would’ve dogged me

gotta keep ya head right (oh oh no) i got blinded by these head lights

lеt ya guard down tell me who you love
i should’vе known you not the one for me

the thing’s you did to me still taunting me

your the reasons i’m heartless what you want from me?

they jacking they all hate men but pain pain is all they bring

i can’t speak how i feel so please let me sing

(yeah yeah)

toxic love story we was on and off

real love i saw it all

she told me be free i ain’t even call it off

you not even here no more i feel alone

when i get ina booth i just get in my zone

just pick up the phone (no no) pick up the phone..

be free … be free