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yung crucial – star lyrics


it was always her plan to wipe me out your life
just know that daddy did everything to try to make it right

it don’t matter where you at
it don’t matter where you are
if i see you from a distance
if i hold you in my arms
if i see you blow me kisses
tiny hands in my palms
see that smile light up my world
cause you’re daddy’s little star

i remember like yesterday we found out ya mom was pregnant
cause she didn’t think she could so for the time she was ecstatic
i was focused on you cause you was my chance to get right
daddy messed up the first time couldn’t put you thru that life
and ya mama wasn’t working but it didn’t stop me from grinding
getting everything you need making sure i was providing
missing days at work just to make all your appointments
just to hear your heart beating was worth every one of them moments
and we almost didn’t have you cause ya mom wanted to end it
felt so dead in that office i’m so glad she never did it
i never made your baby shower cause i wasn’t invited
things done behind my back i stayed up the whole night crying
cause ya mama was embarr-ssed cared too much what people think
then daddy started curing his pain with this liquor and this weed
while i was doing everything that i can
to provide like a man
she was busy playing house with another man

september 17th is you when you blessed this earth
and i wish there was this crazy story i could tell about your birth
like ya mama water broke while we were watching a movie
then we hopped up in the whip anxious to meet our little novie
got us to the hospital we went straight thru the er
contractions so close we could tell it wouldn’t be too long
then the doctor cut you out and we saw you for the first time
emotions so deep tears falling down from my eyes
doctor said that it’s a girl i cut the umbilical cord
i swear your first look at me made my heart fall to the floor
but the truth is this story never happened
i didn’t find out you were here til 2 days after it happened
and that hurt me so much that i didn’t to see your birth
and jason was the first man that you laid eyes upon on this earth
she banned me from the hospital so i couldn’t even see you
missed the moment of my life waiting 9 months just to meet
you a precious moment that i’ll never get to say i had
he can rob me of a moment but i’ll always be your dad
and i tried to make it work for you
swept things under rugs for you
but if stayed somewhere that was toxic
i knew i’d only be hurting you
it’s sounds selfish but i had to think of me too
caught up in your mama cycle i had to find my own breakthrough
just know that i could never love you different
i’ll always move the earth for you the lord is my witness