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yung joc – drip lyrics


(feat. lil wayne)

yeah better, calm down
bow down, i draw down
5 rounds

drip [x15]

[yung joc:]
ey weezy
let me talk to these n-gg-s
monkey n-gg-, better not slip
feed your -ss banana clips
yeah, yeah i bust your head gasket
leave you with a oil drip
and for the lettuce aks not gon spit your cabbage
and she get tragically, cause now diamond fill with maggots
this ain’t angus beef
you don’t wanna order this
2 glocks like 2 pac
i’m on my thug immortal sh-t
gps goons show up to yo quarness
chrome with the pearly take you early
that’s abortion b-tch
duck, duck, tape ya, wrap ya n-gg-, no b-lls
don’t slugs the same size as door kn-bs
sixty seconds in and out
pop, no prob
blow ya whole face off
that’s a bl-wj-b
shoot ya b-tch in the throat
too graphic? gotta paint a picture
so ya n-gg-s grasp it
i call your momma tell her pre-order ya f-ckin casket
bury scary n-gg-s i never been [? ]


[lil wayne:]
soo woo to the beehive
strapped like t.i.
i keep that b-tch on me
like the book of eli
i just shoot ’em all
so i don’t have to de-cide
spit your body up
they gotta bury ya -ss 3 times
run up in ya house
leave ya brains on the couch
shoot up everything, the f-ck is ayman about
empty that clip, than that b-tch slide out
continue that procedure till them p-ssy’s dried out
i’m a east side gangsta, i ain’t never been a busta
nina is a cold black b-tch but i trust her
i don’t need a psychic to tell me i’m a hustla
cause b-tch, i’m all about my paper, like usher


[yung joc:]
i know chris, decepticon
clips transform ya
leave n-gg-s, ghost activity, paranormal
for my piece of the pie, ha-ha-ha digorno
bullets burn, make em dance, disco inferno

[lil wayne:]
back to the subject, i’ll kill ya in a heart beat
i put bullet hole in everything, except the car seat
young money b-tch, i shoot one gun and switch
when the cops came the body still twitched (still twitched)

[yung joc:]
keep thuggin, you cute, you just floatin with death
that’s a straight suicide, don’t bury yourself
scared but can’t run, that’s the stall factor
and if that automatic rap i bet they all scatter
haiti eartquake ’em, make they wall shatter
penetrate [? ] splatter they gallbladders