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yung lean – summer ’98 lyrics


waking up to sunlight
smoke a blunt out the window, everything is alright
i’d rather be in the hood with my homies, we stay souped out
drinkin’ the vodka mixed with sprite, ’cause i gotta stay souped out
strobe light, green got me l!cking like the joker, b-tch i’m joked out saying leandoer at the sh-ts, son, you’re gonna get your eye poked out, choked up, rolled up
b-tches screaming at us friendly and provoked ’bout nothin’
days are stretch-long until the night fall
shawty take it strong from my bong by the waterfall
i think this calls for a late night snack
at mcdonald’s, vanilla milkshake, yeah i’ll pay you back
early morning and the sun if really blisterin’
i’m with you sister in nothin’ but panties
they stay slitherin’ and my d-ck is really sizzlin’
it’s hard and i’m sweaty, c-mming on your girlfriend’s face
like i’m freddy with a machete
’cause she let me
i did it just to beat deliberate
throw up on my old school where i’m just a graduate
bruce got the ocp, ’cause i got the soda cans
skating and a musterbating summer, and we don’t need no plans

by the beach listening to animal collective
this beat is really effective
take the hit, don’t worry ’bout it, f-ck being perspective
swimming in the ocean and your t-tties are reflective
find me on craigslist, private p-ssy detective