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yung simon – meteor lyrics


[verse 1]
hi my names simon and welcome for the song
this is my first hit like i’m holding a bong
i’m bananas just like donkey kong
in my pyjamas my bars are strong
gamecube controller, plugged into a tree
k i s s i n g
don’t get me vexed up like mr moseby
stop running through my lobby
don’t make me catch a body
me and my posse
will stomp you into the concrete
we stay obsolete
we always on our feet
trick or treat, take a seat
tweet tweet i’m a parakeet
skr skr im 1337 that’s elite
icy flow no vaseline
light you up like gasoline
my flaccid d-cks bigger than your hard pee pee
what a catastrophe yeah

b-tches scream when they see me
i said b-tches scream when they see me
trapping hard strapped up with my cards
skr skr skr pokemon cards

[verse 2]
trim my pubic hair
then f-ck her on my gaming chair
spray up my game collection
but my erection wasn’t aiming in that direction
parental discretion is advised
autismboys we worldwide
see me creeping through the trap house
360 ps3 and a wii on my lap now
earl grey tea and an apple mac mouse
they know me autismboys worldwide now
walking down the street
while im beating my meat
have a meet and greet
with a fan from japan
got my d-ck in one hand
and cyanide in the other
so you know i go hard
when im murdering your mother
so you know i go hard
when im murdering your mother uh


my power is astounding
crown me king
i piss like a fountain
billion quid is what i’m counting
puffing pot now higher than a mountain uh
2015, cyber simon, shoutout to myself